Semi-automatically generated modding documentation for Barotrauma

Hello and welcome to modding Barotrauma!

The goal of this guide is, eventually, to provide a baseline documentation of everything in Barotrauma that can be modified, so you would not need to go digging through our code to find out how things work. The guide also attempts to explain some of the basics of modding Barotrauma; this is done in the XML section of the guide.

To create custom content in Barotrauma, you don’t necessarily have to edit XML at all, as the built-in editors may be enough to accomplish what you are looking to do. If you only wish to learn about the submarine and character editors, you may thus skip the XML section altogether.

This guide is a work in progress, and all kinds of feedback is welcome – what are the things you get stuck with while modding? Are there shortcomings in how we have composed this guide? Please let us know. If you have any edits you wish to make yourself, feel free to fork this repository and submit a pull request!